About me

I studied three-dimensional design, graphic design and illustration and set up Sapphire Summers in 2015, designing Fine Art pieces, textiles and home furnishings.


Inspiration for these artworks comes from the unique colours, patterns and symmetry seen in nature and presenting these in innovative ways, layering and enhancing nature’s forms through these beautiful collages. All items are decorated with my illustrations which I layer in innovative compositions to create pleasing symmetrical designs. My Fine Art Giclee prints, printed on Acid-Free paper are vibrant and engaging, full of intricate detail. I adore creating butterflies, birds, flamingos and jungle animals, inspired by my numerous travels to India and South America.


Beautiful silks are printed with these signature intricate works of art which are rich and colourful. Small creatures, birds, butterflies, wings and feathers are intertwined in truly alluring ways on soft velvet cushions. Each piece I create is a world of flowers, wings and creatures, derived from this passion for nature’s beauty. My aim is to make colourful, striking designs which are unique - a fine addition to your home or wardrobe. 


Sapphire Summers


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